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Folded Leaflets

Folded Leaflets with a wide range of size, fold and lamination options


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    Whether it's an informational pamphlet you're making or a small pricing brochure, folded leaflets are sure to fit the bill. Choose from our different available fold types and a wide range of stocks and lamination options to create your folded leaflet.

    VAT Warning*: Folded Leaflets are generally zero-rated for VAT. However, if your product is liable for VAT, it will be noted next to the price. Typically, larger and/or thicker leaflets are subject to VAT.

    We use a combination of digital and litho methods to allow us to give you the best price we can. As a general rule of thumb, print runs up to 500 are printed digitally while runs above 500 will be printed litho but this cannot be guaranteed.


    Printed SidesDouble Sided
    PrintFour colour process (CMYK)

    Artwork Requirements

    Bleed3mm All Round
    Safe Zone3mm
    Resolution300 dpi minimum
    FormatPDF or JPEG
    FontsOutlined or Embedded
    AdditionalNo Printer Marks
    A Size 4pp Folded Leaflet
    A Size 4pp Folded Leaflet

    Downloads and Files

    Folded Leaflet Pdf Templates Half Fold Portrait3.5mb
    Folded Leaflet Pdf Templates Half Fold Landscape3.5mb
    Folded Leaflet Pdf Templates C Fold2.0mb
    Folded Leaflet Pdf Templates Z Fold3.5mb
    Folded Leaflet Pdf Templates Cross Fold1.5mb